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Latest News

Man Dies While in Custody

The 25-year-old man who brought traffic to a standstill on Interstate 94 while high on drugs in March recently died at the St. Cloud Hospital after being found not breathing in his jail cell. According to the Todd County Sheriff's Office, Brett Huber was found at 1:38 p.m., June 9, in his cell not breathing. He was taken by ambulance to the Long Prairie Hospital and later airlifted to the St. Cloud Hospital, where he died on June 11.The incident at the jail is currently under investigation. Huber ended up in the Todd County Jail after he allegedly stole a van in Alexandria but crashed it in Osakis. In Osakis, police say he took another vehicle, which he crashed on I-94, where he began wandering into traffic and eventually climbed on top of a truck before his eventual arrest. Police said in a criminal complaint that Huber was high on drugs at the time. According to Hanson, law enforcement officials spent 45 minutes to an hour on the interstate with Huber. Huber was taken to the Todd County Jail, where he remained until June 9.


Todd County Commissioner's Meeting




After considerable discussion that ranged from comments made during the open forum prior to the the Todd County board of commissioner’s meeting, to comments and new motions made during the actual discussion and action time, the commissioners approved an Option 2 split of the soon to be defunct Eagle Valley School District. This will be where the lines are drawn in the division of the district determining the taxing districts for those properties either into the Bertha-Hewitt School District or the Browerville School District.

The approval of the Option 2 split is a change from the work session discussion held on June 9 when the commissioner’s tentatively agreed to the map noted as “Illustration 1”.

In the option approved, “Illustration 2,” Eagle Valley Sections 19-24 will now belong to the Browerville School District.

By roll call vote, the commissioners approved the Option 3 (Illustration 2) map. Kircher hesitated for a period of time, but eventually did vote “Yes.”

Near the end of the meeting, Kircher asked if the decision they had made today could be appealed to district court. The answer was that it could be.

 In other business:

Approved a two-day On Sale 3.2 Malt Liquor License for Lefty’s Bar on June 24 and 25, at the softball/baseball fields located in Staples Township.

  • Approved a gambling permit for Midwest Outdoors Unlimited to hold a raffle at Thunder Lodge on August 13.
  • Approved an application to sell tobacco products to Shady’s Golden Eagle Inc. in Burtrum.
  • Approved the updated “A Work Accident and Injury Reduction” AWAIR Manual.
  • After discussion the board approved the request made by the Todd County Sheriff’s Office to post in-house for the positions of sergeant. The Sergeants would provide in-line direction for patrol deputies in the field.
  • The LELS Union has been notified and has agreed to these positions.

  • Approved the hire of Tyler Christianson and Guadalupe Botello-Becerra as temporary seasonal recreational assistants effective June 25.
  • Approved the hire of Andrew Mattson as a full-time jailor/dispatcher effective June 25 at a Grade 6, Step B.
  • Accepted the resignation of James Uhlman as a part-time court security officer effective June 16.
  • Approved the request for granting a Conditional Use Permit for establishment of a bar and restaurant on parcel 11-0087700 with conditions. This is the former Shipwrex. It will now be known as Shady’s Golden Eagle of Mound Lake LLC in Burtrum.
  • Approved the request for granting a CUP for establishment of a truck maintenance shop on parcel #06-0001002 for owners trucking without conditions for Byron Karjala.
  • Approved a request from Jerry Kobliska to rezone a 40 acre parcel from R-2 to commercial zoning for the establishments of a small feedlot. The request for a CUP for the feedlot was also approved with the condition that there be no more than 49 animal units.
  • Approved a request to establish a 199 foot telecommunications tower and associated ground equipment for Verizon Wireless on the Dale R and Jeanette Lambrecht property in Burtrum.
  • Approved a request by Planning and Zoning to replace a Chevy S10 which is need of costly repair.
  • The intention is to purchase a used SUV in good repair for use by P & Z and part of the year by the Assessors office. They have a price range of $8000-$12,000.

  • Todd County accepts authority and administrative responsibility to implement the Buffer Law as the Local Government Unit in accordance with MN Statute 103F.48
  • The compliance component for the Buffer Law will go into effect for Protected waters on November 1, 2017. Public ditches will follow on November 1, 2018.

    There are various ways for landowners to comply with these deadlines as outlined in the law.

    Todd Soil, Water Conservation District has worked to prepare landowners to reach compliance and has conducted a survey using overhead images.

    For Todd County to conduct compliance activities for the Buffer Law, it first must elect to have jurisdiction. This decision must be made and notice given to BWSR by June 28, 2017.

    BWSR has funds to support this Riparian Compliance work in the amount of $112,000 for the first year and $140,000 per year thereafter.

  • Approve the hiring of Kathryn Macey as full-time GIS Technician, Grade 7 Step B with a start date of June 21.
  • Approved the hire of Steven McCoy to fill the open eligibility worker position.


    Veterans Van Accident

    WARROAD, Minn. - Three people had to be airlifted for treatment at a Grand Forks, N.D., hospital after a two-vehicle crash at the intersection of Roseau County Roads 5 and 12 late Monday morning, May 29, according to Roseau County Sheriff Steve Gust and the Minnesota State Patrol. The sheriff said he did not know the extent of the injuries of those airlifted. He said that those airlifted were among eight American Legion members in a van. Gust said he did not know the extent of the injuries to others in the van, or to the individual or individuals in the other vehicle involved in the crash, and that he was working to get more information from deputies that had been at the crash scene. The people in the van had been going from cemetery to cemetery in the Warroad area to render military honors for Memorial Day services, Gust said. Sgt Jesse Grabow of the Minnesota State Patrol said the patrol was assisted at the crash, but that the Roseau County Sheriff's Office was the primary investigating agency.


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